About us

We offer a babysitting service in Lisbon, Porto, Almada, Setúbal, Algarve, Braga and Ponta Delgada area, that provides qualified, caring and competent babysitters with a degree in childcare, so you can perform your tasks or enjoy a little time for yourself in safety and without worries. Nanny service for any point of the country or abroad.

The babysitter goes to your home, hotel or events (such as parties, baptized, weddings, etc), equipped with a "babysitter play box", full of books and didactic materials to keep your child happy, while he's playing and learning. You can check some of the activities developed during the babysitting in our facebook, instagram or blog.
Our concern is the wellbeing and safety of your child!

Criança a brincar fazendo uma torre de cubos

Why choose MyBabysitter?

  • Quality and reliable service

  • Notifications of your child's condition whether by messages or photographs

  • Qualified, competent and experienced babysitters

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum period of service for a babysitter?

You will have to request the service for a minimum period of 3h.

How far in advance do I have to request the babysitting service?

We will always try to fulfill your needs. You can contact us by email/phone at any time and we'll try to assign you a babysitter. Nevertheless, we recommend requesting the service with, at least, 48h in advance so that the babysitter can plan everything to make the best of your experience.

How many children can a babysitter be responsible for?

A babysitter can be responsible for a maximum of 3 children. However, in particular cases, the babysitter can stay with 4 children.

How is selected the babysitter that will accompany my family?

The babysitter that will accompany your family is selected according to the service location and characteristics. We try to maintain the same babysitter throughout the services to ensure its continuity and so that the relation with the family can be maintained.

How much is the babysitting cancellation Fee?

We don’t charge any cancellation fee. However, the cancellation of the service by the client doesn’t imply the refund of any amount already paid. Service cancellations communicated 48 hours in advance of the start of the service or in which a justification is presented that MyBabysitter considers appropriate, allow the Client to use the amount already paid to schedule a new service, within 6 months.

And if I have more doubts?

Whatever your doubt or desired service may be, please contact us through email geral@mybabysitter.pt or by phone +351 916 961 119. We will always try to meet the needs of your family.