Event Babysitting

If you have a baptism, wedding or company event and would like to make the most of this special date, contact us!

We know that children enjoy the space and time in a different way. For adults, enjoying a party may include chatting or dancing. However, children need new activities like painting, running and playing. This discrepancy can be a reason of attrition for adults and frustration for children. For this reason, we prepare a special program for the little ones so both of you can enjoy the party.

Criança a sorrir com confetis
Criança com tiara a desenhar

All our babysitters have a childcare course (kindergartens, education assistants, educational psychologists, etc.) and more than one year experience in the field. They are dynamic professionals, trained in child development, non-smokers, responsible, understanding, patient and caring.

The babysitter’s team can be responsible for the whole routine of the child and always carry a babysitter play box full of didactic materials so that they can develop several activities to make this time as fun as possible.

Relax and have fun, your children will appreciate it!