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Babysitting and Nanny service with qualified professionals

Why choose MyBabysitter®?

Qualified Professionals
We work exclusively with babysitters and nannies with childcare training who understand the child’s physical, psychological and emotional development as well as their needs at each stage. This theoretical basis helps to understand and anticipate the child's behaviors. For this reason, our professionals are equipped with strategies for working with the little ones.
No fees
We don't charge any fee for our babysitting service. We keep our service as simple as possible because parenting is already complex enough. Our goal is to make parents’ lives easier.
We understand that working with children must be done with full transparency: both regarding our services and our professionals. For this reason, you have access to the full babysitter profile that will be working with the child, as well as direct communication with the professional during their service.
Professionals Team from the Educational Field
It's not just our babysitters that have childcare training. From our Office Assistant to our CEO we are all kindergarten teachers. For this reason, we understand the parent’s and children's needs and can select the best professionals in the field, providing educational support at all levels.
Qualified Professionals

Experienced babysitters and nannies with a childcare-related degrees

Basic care

The babysitter can provide all the care related with the child: baths, assist in meals and bed time

Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance included in the babysitting service


The babysitter is equipped with a “babysitter play box”: a playful kit full of didactic material to play with your child

What we do

We are a premium nanny and babysitting agency that works exclusively with qualified professionals that have a course in childcare and experience in the field. This means that our babysitter and nannies are able to provide the most conscientious, nurturing, loving and responsive childcare possible. Run by a kindergarten teacher, this agency emerged from the love of education and childcare.

We provide a safe babysitting service, in the area of Cascais, Lisbon, Almada, Setúbal, Braga, Algarve, Porto and Ponta Delgada, with real-time updates on your children's condition (through photos and messages via WhatsApp).
Nanny Service for any point of the country or abroad.
We also have a nanny agency in London and other parts of England at www.mybabysitter.org

How to use our
nanny or babysitting service

Just contact us by email, phone or through our facebook, specifying the service you want.

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